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Residential yard services that we offer.


Our Yard maintenance team is there for you, no matter the garden maintenance packages required. Weekly services available. Most of our clients engage us for our weekly maintenance services to take action on all aspects of their yard – we love that. But if you just need us for a few service hours or a few days around your home or garden, call us and we’ll figure out the right service package for you.

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Weekly Garden & Yard Maintenance services for your home

We prune, rake-up, cultivate, monitor plant health, etc. on a regular basis. For many homes, this has always been the hardest one to estimate as everyone’s wants and properties are different. The cost you will be invoiced for either represents what you have told us is the amount you want to spend or was the time we used to keep your garden looking great. Our yard maintenance service package starts in late April-early May and ends in mid to late October.

NOTE:  If you’re already a customer for the grass, this package will be combined with this time. This avoids having to separate bills and will charge for projects in one combined invoice. There is typically 26-28 visits in a season for this service.

Fall and Spring Leaf Cleanup

Pruning, light cultivation of mulch and general rake-up of the entire yard. This is one of those jobs where we could get very involved. Pruning of all trees, shrubs, etc can be taken all the way to an art form and the difference between a quick once over and a restoration of the garden can be very subjective. Example: Often plants that have not been looked after, are better off being replaced than being restored due to the cost to restore them. We prioritize the service tasks to match the allotted time or scope of the defined work . We always push to get the work done properly in an efficient manner. All services are billed by the hour plus garden waste disposal.

We maintain the whole yard for you

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Our Services


There is always some extra hours needed that could be considered not a part of “regular” garden maintenance packages**, including yard pruning and shaping and general clean-up after the spring growth. Typically done in mid June thru mid July before the heat of summer comes.


Fall clean-up starts in late October/early November after the regular visits have ended. This is generally done over 3-4 visits as the leaves don’t all fall at once.

Mulching the beds

Right after the Yard Start-up is the best time to apply a new layer of Premium Landscape Mulch. It not only looks great, it suppresses weeds, provides nutrients, and holds moisture at the roots where it is needed.  Some of the preparation tasks associated with yard maintenance services, like bed edging can be considered part of the Spring Yard Clean-up

Hedge Maintenance

This can be done in spring but we like to do this in the fall as it tightens the hedge for winter snow load and keeps it looking good until after the spring growth (late June). A perfect hedge should be done twice per season. We can also provide you with an estimate to air out the hedge, a NEEDED task that should be done every few years or so to allow air and light to reach the inside of the plant. We will assess this possible need before the trimming.

Winterizing and maintenance of ponds

Depending on the current state of the water feature this can be a cold, messy, stinky job to do properly. Equipment needs to be installed and/or checked, organic matter needs to be washed out, PH balanced, plants tended to etc. We do our best to battle both strand and green algae if present, remove fallen debris, keep plants looking good, refresh filtration units, inspect UV lights and check water levels during our regular visits. We cut back water plants, lower lilies, remove UV lights, remove pumps and put electric de-icer in if required.

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Irrigation Maintenance Service

Starting the Irrigation

Spring system start-up to replace, service and adjust heads as well as set-up controller. New controller battery if required and recommendations to improve system are normally included. Additional parts needed to do basic start-up will be installed and billed separately. 4-6 monthly in season system checks to begin in the month following start-up and ending the month before winterizing. We go through entire system and make adjustments to heads and controller to ensure proper coverage as well as deal with different seasonal requirements. This will help reduce water waste and save plants. Billed by the hour with an average service allocation of 30-45 minutes depending on size and quality of the system.


Hard Surface Sealant

$ 2.50-$3.00 per square foot depending on how much washing and number of coats needed. We use a HIGH quality low VOC sealant (there is a huge difference in preparing the surface and quality of product so don’t be fooled by others who offer these services for much less or you will be re-applying more often)

Seasonal Planting Displays (baskets, pots, annual and perennial displays) Wood Structures (Custom outdoor structures) 

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