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Tiered garden planter ideas for your property | Creative By Design Landscaping

Tiered garden planter ideas for around your home or property Tiered garden bed concepts for around your home We’ve worked on many properties over the years, and many of them have involved slopes and grade issues. To make those gardens into friendly, useable areas, we have turned them into tiered gardens. TAGS: Garden Planter Raised […]

Prepare your garden for spring – A quick to do list

Preparing your garden for spring. Gardening to do list; We have compiled a list of areas to pay attention to, so you can get that Nanaimo garden back into shape as quick as possible. Now that Christmas is done for another year, and the stores have Easter eggs on the shelves, its time to start thinking about gardening. Yes, […]

How to care for perennials and annuals

Planting perennials and annuals Perennials and Annuals can add colour and variety to the landscape. Here’s some useful tips on how to care for them. Whats the difference between annuals and perennials What are Annuals Annuals flowers are plants that are started from seed, obtain their maximum height, flower, produce seed, and then die all […]

Evergreens for around your home | Creative By Design Landscaping

Evergreens for around your home How to Care for Evergreens around your home Evergreens are highly valued plants in the landscape because of their year round colour and interest they provide.  There are different types of evergreens as follows: Evergreens are beautiful plants that provide shelter, screen undesirable views, help blanket noise, enhance privacy, reduce […]