paver patio stones nanaimo bc

Paver Patio Stones Nanaimo

Paver patio stones for outdoor patios, walkways, driveways

What makes Paver patio stones unique?

Paver Patio stones are a good way to get a long-lasting outdoor surface in Nanaimo, BC. When installed correctly, they can often add value to your home and garden.

Our supplier offers a wide variety of outdoor patio stones and slab pavers to fit your style.

You can use this product for many different purposes such as an outdoor patios, walkways, driveways, seating areas, as well as steps and paver-edging around your garden. Many options are durable enough to support heavy loads that are perfect for creating beautiful driveway concepts for your home.

What makes laying paver patio stones better for hardscaping than other products on the market, such as aggregate and stamped concrete. The truth is that paver’s can take water over the surface area, which allows for drainage immediately. In Nanaimo, where we get alot of rain this can be quite useful.

They are easy to repair quickly if anything was to happen to your new outdoor living space i.e. chipped, cracked or sank. This option is not possible with a solid surface, as once it cracks there isn’t any way of repairing that will last.

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How to choose patio stones

When it comes to stone patterns, there are many brands, styles and finishes to choose from. We can help you decide what brand and which style would work best for you. One of the biggest things to consider is, what would match best with your Nanaimo home or garden and also any other patio stone walkways etc., you already have ie walls, existing concrete etc.

Building paver patio stone outdoor patios, walkways, driveways, seating areas that last!

We have been using a tried and tested method for the last 10+ years, which has proven to stand up to the test of time. Using this paver patio method we can ensure that you will have an outdoor patios, walkways, driveways, seating areas, driveways that you will enjoy for many years to come. Our ‘step by step’ process is on our website, of what goes into the process.

Why do i want patio stones in Nanaimo, BC?

When building a outdoor patio, walkways or driveways, there are many things to consider, Patterns, Design, Size, Location, Slope, Base. Putting extra effort into all of these will only give you a better and long lasting pavers, that will last you for many years to come. More and more homeowners around Nanaimo are replacing there existing surface in your garden with patio stones or slab pavers to get a better, unique and longer lasting result. When built and installed correctly it will always be superior to an aggregate product on the market.

What makes a good paver patio stone installation?

One of the biggest failings in any install is lack of prep-work. Creating a good solid base will instantly give you better longer results. This achieved by making sure there is no organic matter under your base ie loam. Getting right down to the clay before compacting a crush base means less movement over time. Also using the least amount of sand possible will also give you longer results. Sand isn’t a stable structure and you cant compact it, so having the least amount underneath will benefit you in the long run. We like to keep it down to 1/4″-1/2″ maximum. Also we have found that having a clean edge of cement around the outside will keep your outdoor patio stronger for longer than plastic edging. it not only keeps the paver stones in place, but also traps the sand under them, which helps for longevity.