Nanoose Bay - Contemporary meets Old Country

Nanoose Bay: Contemporary meets Old Country

Whilst being minutes from Nanoose Bay, this contemporary home features multi-leveled concept to accommodate the many different grades.

The Dolphin Lake Property

Despite this Nanoose Bay property being situated on quite a small lot near Dolphin Lake, our aim was still to create something with many different aspects. With this in mind, the first task was to create some level areas to work with whilst not taking up to much of the valuable space


  • 52000lbs of Rundle 3-5″ hand stacked retaining walls built around front yard to create a level area
  • Old Country Stone Paving Stone patio’s built-in front and back for seating areas
  • 4 custom steps built with incorporated LED step lights to front upper patio.
  • Stairs with landing, shelf and 2 directional split; going to back patio and deck above garage. All built with footings, piles, rebar, and block for strength, and then faced in pavers to match patio’s,
  • Cedar Fence, Gate and Arbor; built-in custom horizontal style with lighting along property line and along back concrete wall for privacy
  • 4×6 Pressure-treated retaining wall on West side of property to deal with neighbors grade built with concreted posts 3ft into ground every 4 ft
  • Plantings throughout the property to enhance hardscapes, all done with Nutri-loam premium soil for best-growing results.
  • Fully automated irrigation system throughout property with conduits for future pots along upper deck, by front door and on mid-level back stair landing
  • Low voltage lighting system throughout the property

Obstacles to Overcome:

  • Installing the concept with no machine access, due to a existing tree blocking the side and a new concrete sidewalk preventing any access at front. Heated driveway allowing for very little storage at back.
  • Running conduits to all areas in backyard for current and future possible irrigation and lighting options
  • Dealing with drainage in backyard upper level
  • Designing stairs that went in three directions to two separate levels, whilst working with many different wall angles.