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Get the best in ground Irrigation sprinkler system in Nanaimo, British Columbia

Irrigation Sprinklers Nanaimo

Get the best in ground irrigation sprinklers system in Nanaimo, BC

We are the leading irrigation sprinkler system install company in Nanaimo, on Vancouver island.. Carefully watering is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping a nice and healthy yard and we understand that.

irrigation Sprinklers Nanaimo

Our system is designed to prevent dry areas, it allows precision watering and head to head coverage. The system has a clock which is programmed and adjusts the length to provide the perfect amount of water in every zone of your landscape. This is to save you time and money, and will also protect your investment.


Our irrigation system installations start at between $1000 – $1,250.00 per zone for a full system. Irrigation zones are dictated by the number of Gallons Per minute you have at the house or from the street.

It is hard to say how many zones you will require, but for the average home in Nanaimo, we recommend a minimum of 4 zones front and 3 for the back yard. This also depends on the complexity of the design. We can offer more information once we have visited your property and we have a better idea of what is required to create you a system.

When it comes to price, we have to consider many factors. Our clients are happy with the fact that they don’t have to sacrifice awesome results when we complete their projects.

The following are a few factors that will help determine pricing:

  • The size of the yard
  • How many garden beds, vegetable gardens and Lawn area there is
  • Slope and lay out of the yard
  • Soil conditions
  • Types, size and amount of trees

We also offer Maintenance and renovations, which are charged at $95.00 per person hour. Our technician will need to see the system before being able to give you an idea of costs etc

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Sprinklers won’t just help your landscape during the summer, but will also be a good return on your investment. We design it specifically for the areas in need on your property and we will also teach you on how to use it in a very efficient and effective way.

Professional irrigation services and technicians in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Irrigation Services:

Irrigation Installation – Drip, xeriscaping, Microjets, Rotors, Spray zones

Sprinkler repair

Sprinkler blowouts for residential systems

Custom Irrigation design

Major Irrigation renovations

Service packages – Spring start up, winterization, inspections

Additions to existing systems

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Creative By Design offers a wide range of installation & repair services through-out

We are a certified and insured Nanaimo landscaping sprinkler contractor.

Vancouver Island including:

Maple Bay, Ladysmith, Chemainus, Duncan, Mill bay and Shawnigan Lake.


When designing your Nanaimo Sprinkler system installations, one has to be careful and meticulous. If you install  heads randomly it will only be a waste of money and time, also it won’t be as effective.  Our service technicians design your sprinklers to make sure that, when finished, they will water properly. We avoid wasting water on places like concrete and other unnecessary areas. It always has head to head coverage.


Depending on your preference or need, the sprinkler clock can be installed indoors or outdoors, most of our customers rather have the indoor set up. It is usually installed in the basement or in your garage.


To control the flow in each area we use valves. In most cases for residential use, 1 valve per zone is placed and they are located in a valve box outdoors.


Pvc or Poly pipes are something like the nervous system of your sprinkler system installations. These pipes are buried approximately 8-10 inches down so they are safe from any damage.

Sprinkler heads:

They are used to distribute the water to the lawn and garden beds.  They can be adapted to reach different distances to maximize the coverage and to create different patterns.


Our Nanaimo service technicians will first scout your landscape and decide how many zones are required.  They will also determine how much each zone will need and figure out where they will place the valve box and the heads. Below you will find how most residential  landscape zones are split up.

Garden Beds:

These need less water than your turf areas, so drip lines, smaller spray heads or bubblers are used to make sure your flower or garden beds won’t be flooded or damaged during the cycle.

Vegetable Gardens:

One of the areas where you need more control is where you grow food and if you keep this area separated you can run it for only part of the season and control how often during the day.

Lawn areas:  

There are a few sprinkler heads that can be used. The spray head is used more often on your turf area, for larger areas the rotor heads will give you the perfect amount. We can install in both your front and back yard so that you have head to head coverage, and this will keep your landscape beautiful  during the hot summer.


Considering adding automatic watering to your landscape is totally worth it, not only increasing the price of your home if you want to sell it, it will also save so much water you will pay significantly less money for your water bill.

Hand watering wastes a lot.

It keeps your landscape beautiful and healthy.

Compared to hand watering saves a lot of time.

Cuts down on lawn diseases.


Start up is not just switching on your clock, it also should be carefully checked over by our Nanaimo service technicians, maintenance like heads being adjusted and fixing any leaks are very important so that you don’t waste any water. This is done when spring arrives.


There is yet another benefit to your automated system. When it rains, your sprinklers automatically turns off thanks to the rain sensors.


The market now has Wi-Fi technology, the smart program boxes allow you to track usage, let you know about any issues and you can turn it on with your smartphone.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When Should I Have My irrigation Turned On?

Timing will depend on weather conditions, but typically we begin scheduling Turn On’s for the beginning of April in Nanaimo. This does not mean that you will be running that day! It simply allows us time to service everything thoroughly and make any adjustments or repairs needed before the season begins. We then will set your controller to “Off” and when it’s time to use it, simply turn it “On”.

When Should I Have My sprinklers Turned Off?

Garden needs change and is different for everyone. If you have established turf and plants, we can turn everything off towards the end of September. If you’re planting new grass or plants in the fall, we can set the sprinklers for ideal running times and turn it off towards the end of October. We recommend that you have everything shut off by the beginning of November.

How do you determine the number of sprinkler heads in a zone?

Each unit is designed in zones around your garden based on the pressure (PSI) and velocity (GPM) that is available on the property. The type of sprinkler head used will also affect the design for your garden.

Do you offer Wi-Fi / Smart Controllers?

Yes. Many customers find these useful for the ability to control everything from a remote location. They are also popular for their water saving abilities, system alerts, and adjustments based on local weather forecasting. These can be added at the time of installation or to existing setup’s.

What is the best time of year to install an irrigation system?

Our Nanaimo landscapers can do irrigation system installations at any point in the year, as long as the ground around the garden is not frozen and air temperature is above freezing. Ideally, it is best to install the sprinklers prior to installing a new lawn.

I’m on a well supply, does that make a difference?

Yes. It would need to be determined if the main supply from the well is sufficient to run the irrigation. Other factors to consider are iron content and debris, which would a require filtering or chemical solution.

How long does it take to install a new sprinkler system?

Although each install will vary depending on the size and scope of the project, our service team usually allows about 5-8 days for the average garden sized install.

Everything is off, but the sprinkler heads seem to be leaking. What should I do?

Depending on the contour of the land, residual liquid in the lines will flow out of the lowest point. If the head continues to leak after a few hours, the valve may need to be flushed. Call our company to schedule a service appointment.

My sprinklers won’t turn off, what should I do?

Typically valve could be stuck in an open position or there may be an error in the controller or timer settings. First, check the controller and turn the system off. If this does not solve the problem, find the shut off and close it. Call our Nanaimo office, immediately to schedule a repair.

When should sprinkler systems be blown out?

In Nanaimo, we suggested getting everything blown out in October, or as soon as you see temperatures below zero in the weather forecast.

When blowout should occur depends on the region in which you live. Some regions begin blowout as early as August, and it can continue through early December, since ground temperatures cool slower than air temperatures.

Regardless of where you live, it is important to have your system winterized before the temperatures consistently fall below 32° F to avoid damage to your irrigation sprinklers and valves.

What kind of air compressor should be used for blowout?

The size of the job at hand helps determine what size portable air compressor is suitable. The Sullair 185 Series portable air compressor is most commonly used for winterizing sprinkler systems at residences or small commercial sites around Nanaimo.

When blowing out golf courses or large commercial properties, some companies use compressors as large as 900 or 1600 cfm.

What is the typical process for blowout?

The blowout process is a pretty quick process, typically only taking about 15 – 20 minutes, depending on the number of zones. General steps are as follows:

  1. First shut off the main supply to your garden irrigation sprinklers using the master shut off valve
  2. The contractor will remove the backflow valve
  3. Connect the air line to the sprinkler blowout connection
  4. Start up the compressor and run it continuously for 15 – 20 minutes, depending on the number of zones
  5. Seal off any lines to avoid debris from getting in there