Ideas for updating your backyard

Here you can find some modern backyard ideas. This part of the property is probably the most important part of any concept in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Whilst the front is very important, as a visual aesthetic for people passing by, the backyard is where you would spend the majority of your time, as well as entertain guests.

modern backyard ideas Nanaimo

When creating your modern backyard, it is good idea to think about some of the following;

  • where you would like to relax; will this be right next to the house, or if not….
  • how will you get to the seating areas and what will you walk on, to get there.
  • what are the grades like in the yard. do you need steps or allan block retaining walls to create maximum use-able area’s.
  • what would you like in the yard; Bar-b-que, Hot-tub, fire pit, pool, lawn, planting beds, vegetable garden.
  • what do you want for screening or privacy; hedge or fence.
  • where are the downspouts or drainage points and where will the water go.
  • do you want a shed and if so, where you would like it.
  • are there any existing factors to consider into your new backyard ideas. Utilities, trees, etc

These are all key points, when coming up with ideas for your simple backyard concept, as they will make the everything that much better, if everything as a clean and smooth layout as well as functionality.

Safety ideas for a modern backyard

Another aspect to incorporate into your backyard ideas is safety. If you have a pool or retaining walls, does the city of Nanaimo require you to have any kind of fencing. If you have children, then this is advisable for any kind of substantial grade change. Also check with your local governing body, as to what the maximum wall heights allowed are, before any style of fence or railing is required. Also if you have steps, do you require a handrail, again it is advisable, if it is a wide set of steps or if you have young children or elderly people using them.

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Modern backyard ideas
Modern ideas for backyard
Ideas for updating your backyard