Low-Voltage Lighting

Enhance your Nanaimo home with low voltage lighting

Our Lighting Design Process in Nanaimo

Initial Meeting

When we initially meet you we will walk around your home and ask questions, present ideas for you to think about. This is the only for us to know exactly what you require and why you want them, in relation to how you use your outside.

Questions such as; do you spend alot of time outdoors entertaining or socializing? Do you entertain lots of friends and family or more of a quiet glass of wine and a book? Would you prefer a well lit property or small illuminated key points? Do you have any safety concerns, such as raised decks, walkways or retaining walls?

By asking questions such as these we are able to design a low-voltage lighting package that suits your every need.

Where would you like Lighting?

When meeting with you, we ask that you help us by pointing out any key locations around your Nanaimo home that you would like low-voltage lighting package. Key areas like walkways can be useful for getting around at night as well as steps and walls. It is also nice to have uplighting for more of an enjoyment purpose, such as on feature trees and rocks or a trellis with a vine the you particularly enjoy The warm wash of light that these can provide can define key areas such as seating areas next flower beds. Another great place to have a small hidden spot can be around water features and core-drilled rocks

Lighting installation

Once we have decided what you would like placed where, we will draw up a detailed plan to show information such as transformer location, wiring type, conduit locations, junctions and fixture placements. We will also suggest to you the best style that will fit best with the outdoor theme, along with the best brands that will give you the best result and longevity, as well as the guarantee . Products such as Kichler and Volt pride themselves on a good quality product for safer installations, high energy savings, and consistent output from all lights around your home. These brands are available at a number of suppliers in Nanaimo.

Our Lighting Services:

Lighting Installation – Transformer, Path lights, spots, Under deck & fence lighting, pond lights, wiring & bulbs

Lighting repair

Custom lighting design

Major lighting renovations

Service packages – Bulb change, system troubleshooting, transformer service

Upgrades to existing systems

Different Types of Outdoor Lighting in Nanaimo

Path Lights

By far the most common type of lights, are the low-voltage path style do exactly as their name implies: they illuminate the paths, walkways and driveways that make up your outdoors. Additional uses include emphasizing a particular feature, enhancing a pond or foundation, or framing a specific area of your yard.

Post Mounted Lights

Postmount units are made from outdoor lanterns mounted on top of tall posts. They’re ideal for home entryways, gates, and fences. Install them in areas where guests congregate, such as a deck or patio, to ensure adequate visibility for everyone.

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting is a must on any outdoor patio, especially those in an otherwise dark area.

Their purpose is to ensure the visibility of the entire hardscape surface at night. They usually line the outside of the hardscape and are often even installed flush with the finishing material.

Though their primary purpose is to improve safety by creating a visible boundary, they can also serve as primary lighting for entertaining at home.

Step Lighting

It’s all too easy to trip and stumble on dark outdoor stairs and steps at night.

Step lighting offers a nifty solution to this problem. This type is installed directly into the steps or immediately nearby to provide safe passage at night.

In addition to improving safety, these low-voltage lights also improve the overall look and visual appeal of steps and stairs around the home.


The spotlight is arguably the most versatile type of outdoor low-voltage lighting.

Use them to highlight natural features such as trees, flowers, shrubs, or other plants. Or to emphasize man-made concepts such as sculptures, buildings, or other architectural elements.

Because of the powerful illumination they provide, low-voltage spotlights are also a good option for security lighting.

Well lights

One of the best outdoor low-voltage choices is undoubtedly well lights.

Partially buried into the ground, these recessed lights provide ample illumination without an otherwise noticeable visual impact. Their minimal profile makes them the perfect choice in situations where you want the light itself to remain hidden.

The purpose of these is similar to that of a spotlight. Direct them at a specific items to highlight them more prominently.

Pond lighting

A pond, fountain, or waterfall adds a unique look to your yard while increasing your homes resell value. Those with moving water also bring the relaxing sound of nature to your home.

Use special underwater pond lights to better illuminate these ponds during the day and night. Designed to remain submerged underwater, these are similar to waterproof spotlights in that their purpose is to highlight certain design elements.

Hardscape lights

Thanks to the impressive benefits of Low Voltage LED lighting, these use very small light bulbs to produce a lot of illumination. The small light bulbs also allow lighting to be tucked away in places where they otherwise wouldn’t be compatible.

Hardscape lights install directly onto or into your outside elements to provide ample illumination for handrails, wood structures, and patio’s

What to think about when choosing low voltage lighting?

What to choose for your low voltage lighting is one of the most important design elements, for both function and style.

The best layout for you depends on your needs and preferences. Answer these three questions to help find the best layout:

  • Which yard features do you want to highlight?
  • Which areas will look the best with a mix of light and shadow?
  • Do you have a path, set of stairs that needs to be outlined?

Another factor to consider is the power source you’re using. Battery and solar powered lighting give you much more flexibility than that which needs to be connected to the electrical grid.

Finally, it’s essential to be considerate of your Nanaimo neighbors when creating a layout plan. You don’t want the extremely bright lighting to bug your next-door neighbors.

Special lighting and low-voltage bulbs are available that minimize glare and keep the illumination produced contaminated to your yard as much as possible.

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