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NANAIMO LAWN CARE: How to grow the greenest grass

Tired of feeling like the grass is always greener on the other side of the street…literally? Then it’s time to take control of your lawn! By taking an early and strategic approach to your lawn care this spring, you can make your summer lawn the envy of the neighborhood. At Creative By Design Landscaping, our experts recommend five simple steps that will help nurse your lawn out of winter dormancy and prepare it for greatness:

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The first step sounds simple, but it’s probably the hardest of them all: be patient! After living under a blanket of ice and snow for months, we understand that the gardener inside of you wants to get things rolling, but it’s crucial not to start prematurely. You must allow for all of the snow to melt and the ground to thaw out before you get started. Until winter is completely over, the best thing you can do for your lawn is to stay off it as long as possible. Walking on grass at this time of year compacts the soil, while squeezing out the air and water. This stresses the grass roots, resulting in thinner grass and more weeds. Be sure to stay off the lawn completely until the grass has time to dry out.


The second step is an easy one. On a nice spring day, take a quick stroll around your lawn and gather up all of the debris that has accumulated over the winter such as trash, leaves, and branches. This is a great task to get the kids involved in lawn and garden care. 


Once the weather has warmed up and your lawn has had the chance to dry out, the real work can finally begin. Start by giving your lawn a stiff raking. The purpose of doing this in the spring is to clear away any lingering dead leaves and excess lawn “thatch,” which is a combination of living and dead plant matter that builds up at the base of the grass roots. Some thatch is beneficial because it acts as a protective blanket; it keeps the grass roots cool in the summer and helps maintain moisture in the soil. However, when the layer of thatch is a half inch or more, it can prevent air, water, and nutrients from reaching the soil and grass roots. Heavy thatch also reduces the effectiveness of some fungicides and insecticides, acting as a protective cover for harmful pests and diseases.


Next, it’s time to wake up your lawn! During the winter, your lawn has been hibernating; think of spring fertilizer as a strong cup of coffee that will energize it for the growing season. A spring fertilizer will also help address areas of your lawn that have been damaged by the effects of a long, harsh winter.  

Not sure which product to choose? We’ll give your lawn grass the right fertilizer, created specifically for your type of lawn for the right time of year. 


Finally, we recommend you apply corn gluten meal to your lawn. This powdery by-product of the corn syrup production process is commonly used as an organic pre-emergent herbicide, with added nutritional properties. When application is timed correctly, corn gluten meal can be effective in preventing weed seeds, like crabgrass, from germinating. Talk to our lawn care experts for advice on the best timing for your application.