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how to get great landscaping around your home

How to get great landscaping around your home.

Landscaping is the addition of plants and shrubs, as well as the construction of hardscapes and softscapes around your home or business. It also refers to the designing, planning and overall enhancement of the appearance of your outdoor living space. Landscaping can also cover full new installations or renovations of existing landscapes.

Over the years, landscaping has become a much bigger investment to our homes. It can range from creating planting beds and lawn right through to adding hot-tubs, pools and water features as well as decks, fences and wood structures.

The ability to create great landscaping is also the ability to give the landscaping ‘flow’. This is done by taking into account the space you have to work with, and what you would like in your landscape. Balance, function, harmony and color and getting it all to work together like it was meant to be, is the key to a great landscape. Also having the vision to make it all fit seamlessly together so it all works for you after is also beneficial.

why have landscaping in nanaimo

Why have landscaping in Nanaimo?

Firstly it gives you an outdoor area for you to enjoy, whether you are wanting somewhere that you can sit and relax, grow vegetables or do some form of outdoor activity is really up to you, but nevertheless that is one of the main reasons for landscaping.

It can also increase the value of your home. It has been said that a good landscape has the chance to increase it anywhere from 5 – 28% depending on the community you live in.

Whilst there are many other outside renovations that can be done like siding and garage door replacement, upgrading your landscape is said to be the largest factor to contribute to curb appeal.

how much can landscaping cost in nanaimo

How much can landscaping cost in Nanaimo?

Many people will say that when it comes to landscaping that you should budget figures such as 20% of your home value towards landscape projects, but that really is a myth. It is impossible to say how much is a good amount to spend as different people have different ideas of what they require. As a rule, I would say, whatever you want to do, take a good look into it and get several quotes and see what sort of prices you get for landscaping and what kind of quality each landscaping concept offers.

And if you’re looking at doing the landscaping yourself, make sure you do your homework on how to do it, as well as check out several suppliers before committing to any landscape products.