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Welcome to our gardening blog, Here you can find How-to’s, ideas, things you didn’t know. as well as raves, rants, and pet-peeves of a seasoned landscaper.

lawn and turf nanaimo

Lawn and Turf | How to get the best results in Victoria, BC

The hardest part about laying turf or sod as some like to call it is the preparation work. The prep work is a lot easier if you have good soil. By good soil, we mean low clay, well-draining, high organic material, and very few weed seeds.


common landscaping mistakes

Common landscaping mistakes to avoid.

Here’s a quick top 10 list of landscaping mistakes to look out for, to help you make things last longer, to saving you money.

  1. A lot of installers try to cheap out on base preparation, by either not using the right depth of compacted crush or using all sand as its cheaper and quicker. This is the #1 mistake when prepping paver walkway’s, patios and driveways.




When it comes to retaining walls, this is something we really love doing. Why? Because it has two main functions, one is to create level usable area’s and the other is because there are so many options for materials and look’s when building those walls.


How to Install Paving Stones for longer lasting results.

Here you can find our step by step process to install paving stones for a longer lasting result. This tried and tested method stands the test of time.

Pavers or Concrete – Hardscaping Products, Vancouver Island BC

Pavers are a good way to get a long-lasting hardscape. When installed properly, they can often add value to your home especially if done creatively. Pavers can be used for many different purposes such as paver patio’s, driveways, walkways as well as Steps and brick paver-edge. They are a great way to be creative with your hardscape.


The Neighborhood Jewel – Gardens West magazine

Buying an old house in Victoria and then completely renovating it inside and out and then transforming the gardens can be a challenge, to say the least. But this is just what these homeowners and gardeners did. The end result was a fabulous new home and garden.