Landscaping and pavers with low maintenance perennial flowers and pets

In this project in Duncan, BC, we took a landscaping that had been over run with perennials and shrubs and turned it into low-maintenance entertaining area for relaxing with brick pavers, garden borders and flower beds

Where do we start?

The first step was to come in a remove all the old shrubs, some of which to friends and neighbors. Others that were being salvaged were moved to storage ready for when the project was almost complete.

With those out the way, we then cut grades to prepare for the new design, paying particular attention to areas where we were putting in hardscapes and artificial turf. Then we dug out footings for concrete i.e. walls, planter and deck supports. At the same time we framed in the planter. We then poured all required concrete areas, and removed forms a short time after.

With foundations for everything built, we were now ready to build the composite deck, The natural stone retaining wall, and framing the steps that were needed with cinder blocks. We then went on to creating the paving stone patio.

Starting the brick paver patio

The patio comprised of two materials, Old Country stone pavers for the garden border and Origins slabs for the center. This made things somewhat tricky as the two products are different thicknesses. So we set about, prepping the grades for the Old Country, and laid the entire border, and then re-prepped the base to install the Origins slabs. With this complete, we then were able to finish the steps that were built in cinder blocks and faced and capped with Old country.

This completed all the hardscapes except for the Aggregate walkway, at the side of the house. This was our only access, so would have to wait till the end of the project.

While completing the front, we also completed a perennials and shrubs overhaul in the front along with a small seating area in the same paver concept.

Landscaping & Irrigation

The entire property had irrigation and landscape lighting though out, along with a gas line run to the centre of the back patio, the idea being, incase a fire table was wanted in the future.

Once hardscapes, irrigation and lighting was completed, we brought in custom blend soil, and planted all the beds. The beds were then finished with mulch and the side of the house was cleaned up with fabric and decorative rock.

Artificial Lawn

After this was complete, we went on to the artificial turf before working our way out of the back yard, and framing up the concrete walkway. At the same time we put in the posts ready for a new fence and gate once the walkway was finished.

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